It’s Just a Little Dream- Album Reviews



Hi guys,

Thought i’d create a page that can give you both insight into my album “Its just a little Dream” & allows you to review it.
This Pop/ chill-out album is a collection of 13 songs with heartfelt messages about some of my “meaning of life” contemplations. It brings a different type of energy that has the intention of healing, something I’ve been focused on in this vulnerable time on the planet.
I hope you’ll have a profound connection with the music, any feedback is more than welcomed here!
Many thanks to all the lovely people involved in the album;

  1. Ozzy Cramona- there is no way that this project could have been manifested without you! You did everything! edited, arranged, recorded, mixed, produced- the whole Album! The dedication and love you put into this album is an absolute gift that I will forever be grateful for! Thank you so much for putting up with me and for being so incredibly caring!!!
  2. Troy Glessner for mastering the album. So glad we found you!
  3. Bob Rosa and the Outer Reach Recording Studio- for the magical “Bob Rosa plugin”…We’ve been working long in a small digital studio with some very simple equipment- so putting it all through an Bob’s analog board  was like a dream come true for me! Thank you for your kindness!
  4. Robert Dante for being a part of the original production team of “Let me show you how i like to do it”.
  5. Gonzalo Terran, my good friend, for playing Piano so beautifully on “Slowly but surely”.
  6. Carlomagno Araya for his wonderful drums playing on “Slowly but surely”.
  7. Weslley Braga for his electric guitar playing on “Only with love”.
  8. David Sultan for his contribution to the Lyrics in Feel Somebody”,
  9. Roberto Ojeda, the photographer that took all these beautiful photos and filmed my upcoming music video “Its Just a Little Dream”!
  10. Neira Kapo for designing such a gorgeous album cover! To my beloved teacher who constantly inspires my search for the deepest meanings in life. For introducing me to the innermost wisdom of the heart, that just wants to sit still with the silence. I can’t wait to see you soon!!
  11. Last but not least- to all my amazing friends, family and fans- for your constant loving support! You helped me get beyond myself and encouraged me to laugh as much as possible along the journey…