Expand Through Sound


My name is RutiCelli and my highest purpose as a performing artist is to channel divine vibrational energy. This experience brings about consciousness expansion which is very healing. Sound is a known tool to channel the divine and is taught in many spiritual schools all over the world. A performer who is in tune with their internal experience can also choose to teach that. I decided to surrender to this gift and am called to help others use this as a tool to generate more inner peace. I tune my instrument to different frequencies; A- 442Hz, A- 432z as well as to each Chakra’s tuning. I particularly enjoy playing in 432Hz because it is the ‘harmonic intonation of nature’. I feel centered and in peace when I play in it. I find it easy to expand my vibration towards gratitude. Through your own heart opening- your vibrations can rise towards greater expansion. ‘Expand Through Sound’ is an experience designed to improve our well being as a whole- activate our right brain functions (creativity/ intuition/ connection to the cosmos), open the third eye and create a heart openness. This openness is your pure divine channel. You can take it very high with your own willingness. My service includes a guided meditation weaved with channeled performances Each piece is played like a ‘Tarot’- you can have fun with it and tap into your own cosmic intuition (dream state) as you listen to it. What you take out of this experience is up to you. Consider this private improvisation a unique gift dedicated just to you- as a reminder of your own abilities to master the “art of trust” and the “art of presence”. Let your creative poetic soul soar high. This is a great tool for all creatives, content creators, writers, musicians, individuals interested in internal expansion, yoga & meditation practitioners, body workers and all free spirits out there. The consultation will give us both a chance to connect energetically and see what will be needed for your healing session. I introduce the ‘vibration of emotions chart’ as a tool to expand with. The more you share with me about your journey the more I’ll be able to tune into your energy when channeling.

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