Hi, My name is RutiCelli and I am a passionate Soul.

Devoting my life to Transmitting my Heart Intuition &

Optimizing my Intuitive Earthy (Root) Energy through Words & Sound.

I publish original music, 

produce live performance events of music composed on the spot

as well as

offer Personalized Experiences of Human Design Teachings &

Sound Medicine Journeys in 432hz. 

I have the energetics capacity to guide you how to optimize your

Unique Energy Flow 

to serve you best as the divine being that you are…

I work with you on 

How to tap into your essence 

so you can value yourself as the miraculous sovereign being that you are.

 I love composing music

& offer my inner journey 

as an experience for you to witness

and get in touch with 

Your Greatness

I combine Music & Human Design

As well as offer them separately

Depending on your needs…

Most of the compositions I play are tuned to


which can be used as

a tool for balancing the 2 sides of the brain

Designed to Activate & help you understand

Your unique inner sovereignty