RutiCelli is a Sonoma county based cellist, composer & producer combining music with consciousness. 

Over the past 10 years she has recorded and toured with Cross Genre Piano Trio Take 3, Norwegian Actor Caroline Waters & Progressive Rock Producer Dave Kerzner appearing on some of their most recent albums and concert broadcasts from around the world. 

RutiCelli appears on more than 40 albums worldwide as a cellist, vocalist and songwriter. 

As of 2020 Ruti creates music tuned to different tuning systems including A-432Hz which activates the “right brain functions” (imagination, creativity & imagination).

Evolving from the traditional classical cello performance career (New England Conservatory of Music/ New World Symphony)- Ruti experienced the art of exploring musical genres both as a performer and a producer- for the sake of self development and growth. In the last 15 years she composed more than 250 pieces and published numerous of solo and collaborative albums as both a performer and a producer.

Her channeled live improvisation performances are treated as “offerings of impermanence” while trusting in the creative process as each pieces is created & composed on the spot. Occasionally Some of these performances are filmed and created into Kaleidoscopic visual experiences- helping the mind “getting the bigger picture of life” through sound and visuals,

Ruti is currently publishing earthing music activation playlists in 432Hz, as a useful ascension tool others explore the connection between right brain activation and our individual internal journey.

Ruti is also a member of The Divine Family prosperity consciousness circle and a passionate blogger.

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