RutiCelli is a Sonoma county based multi disciplinary artist combining music with consciousness. Ruti focuses on creating balanced heart/head coherence through specific sound frequencies such 432Hz, which activates the “right brain functions”.

Evolving from the traditional classical cello performance career (New England Conservatory of Music/ Mew World Symphony)- Ruti experienced the art of exploring musical genres both as a performer and a producer- for the sake of self development and growth. In the last 15 years she composed more than 250 pieces and published numerous of solo and collaborative albums and singles both as a performer and a producer. In the past 4 years Ruti birthed the “art of trust” concept for her channeled live improvisation performances which are treated as “offerings of impermanence” (never repeating any piece) and “trusting in the process” (all pieces created & composed on the spot). Many of these performances were filmed and created into Kaleidoscopic visual experiences- helping the mind getting the bigger picture through sound and visuals,

Ruti is currently publishing her music in 432Hz on her Bandcamp page. Her personal development journey has brought her much enthusiasm to continue exploring the connection between DNA activation, Pineal gland decalcification and developed intuition. Her deep desire to constantly create is part of her vision in her contribution to humanity’s current great awakening.

Ruti’s dream is to perform regularly to a crowd of like minded individuals as well as collaborating with to bring about the changes she wishes to see in the world. Ruti intends to utilize music performance as an art form for consciousness expansion.

Ruti is also a member of The Divine Family prosperity consciousness circle and a passionate blogger.