Ruti Celli

Ruti Celli-

An emerging “Improvisation Journey” artist. Cellist. Singer-Songwriter, Producer. Composer. Improvisor. Graduate of the Laurence Lesser Studio at ‘The New England Conservatory of Music’ in Boston and an alumni of ‘The New World Symphony Orchestra’ in Miami Beach. Touring Artist Ruti Celli also produces and publishes her own solo albums full of songs and pieces she composed, programmed, performed on including her vocals. She collaborates with numerous LA based artists on original material such as Fernando Perdomo on their ‘Fern & Cell’ Improvisation Duo and Dave Schulz on their ‘Into The Frequency’ Electronica/ Trip Hop Duo. She began publishing her own ‘Improvisation Journey’ productions in 2019 and plans to bring her ‘Improvisation Journey Performance Experience’ called- “Ruti Celli In The Moment” starting 2020.

Upcoming Events

Ruti Celli will be touring with Take 3 Piano Trio in February, March and April 2020.

Amongst the states they will visit are: MI, OH, WI, KY, IN, PA and NH.

More details about the tour will be posted soon.

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