Composer & Improvisor RutiCelli is an intuitive channeler of complete improvised compositions tuned to 432Hz, known as the harmonic intonation of nature. A frequency that promotes intuition, creativity, flexibility and inner peace.

Graduate of the Laurence Lesser cello Studio at ‘The New England Conservatory of Music’ in Boston and an alumni of ‘The New World Symphony Orchestra’ in Miami Beach.

Classically trained cellist Ruti Celli also produces and publishes her own music. She released 2 self composed solo albums, on which she performed all instruments including vocals. She collaborates with numerous LA based artists on original material such as the Acoustic improvisation Duo ‘Fern & Celli’ with guitarist Fernando Perdomo (Echo in The Canyon) and with keyboardist Dave Schulz (Berlin/ Goo Goo Dolls) with whom she founded the Trip Hop Electronica Duo ‘Into The Frequency’ . Ruti is a passionate emerging “Improvisation Journey” artist. She began publishing her own ‘Improvisation Journey’ productions in 2019 (The Endless Sea) and spreads awareness about the ‘culture of Improvisation journey’ on social media..

In 2020 Ruti Celli became the new official touring cellist of ‘Take 3’ a cross- genre Piano Trio with whom she’ll be performing nationally.

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