RutiCelli is a Sonoma county based multi disciplinary artist combining music with consciousness. Ruti focuses on creating balanced heart/head coherence through music tuned to 432Hz, which activates the “right brain functions”.
Evolving from the traditional classical cello performance career (New England Conservatory of Music/ New World Symphony)- Ruti experienced the art of exploring musical genres both as a performer and a producer- for the sake of self development and growth. In the last 15 years she composed more than 250 pieces and published numerous of solo and collaborative albums & singles as both a performer and a producer.
Her channeled live improvisation performances are treated as “offerings of impermanence” (never repeating any piece) and “trusting in the creative process” (all pieces created & composed on the spot). Some of these performances were filmed and created into Kaleidoscopic visual experiences- helping the mind getting the bigger picture through sound and visuals,
Ruti is currently publishing earthing music activation playlists in 432Hz, as a useful ascension tool helping us explore the connection between DNA activation, Pineal gland decalcification and developed intuition through right brain activation.
Ruti is also a member of The Divine Family prosperity consciousness circle and a passionate blogger.