Ruti Celli

“Ruti Celli- A cellist, singer-songwriter and producer. Israeli born and trained in the world- she completed her studies at The New England Conservatory of Music in Boston and is a former member of The New World Symphony in Miami among other prestigious posts. She produced and published 2 albums in November 2015, a single in May 2016 and a Debut Album with her Improvisation Duo “Fern & Celli in February 2017. This past year she released her debut single with her new Trip Hop Electronica band “Into the Frequency” with Keyboardist Dave Schulz.

Upcoming Events

June 13- Molly Malones, LA

Ruti Celli will be performing with her Improvisation duo-

Fern & Celli

For tickets please visit:

Molly Malone’s


Many of the textural layers in Ruti Celli’s music are played by the cello. It may sound like bass guitar, electronic guitar, acoustic guitar, a synth pad or percussions but it is often played by the cello.

A classically trained cellist that experiments with lounge music, world music, soundtrack music, hip hop music, rock music, trip- hop music, electronic music,  house music &  pop music. The Classical training comes through the music making it precise, tight, organized, expressive, orchestral, colorful, multiply layered & complex.

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