Hi, My name is RutiCelli and I am passionate about devoting my life to transmitting and optimizing energy & sound vibration.

I transmit knowledge, truth & music. I publish original music, produce live performance events of music composed on the spot as well as offer personalized experiences of sound medicine journeys. 

As an optimizer- I use tools such the Human Design System and the tuning powers of A-432hz to intuitively guide individuals how to use their unique energy flow to serve them best as the divine beings that they are. I help optimizing your inner wellbeing by working with you on how to optimize taping into your essence better so you can value yourself as a sovereign being that you are.

 I love composing music on the spot with loopers & effects and offer my inner journey of optimization as a witnessed experience. 
Most of the compositions I perform are tuned to A-432Hz- a tool for balance the 2 sides of the brain, activating & understanding our unique inner sovereignty, guidance & authority.

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