Perfomance Resume

Multi Genre Mini Resume

As I began exploring different genres of compositions and song writing in the last 12 years, I realized that I love incorporating singing into my music. I found my sonic preferences & vibes to be in alignment with Chill out moods, taking it to different directions and variations. Publishing 2 albums of original music in the cross genres of Pop & lounge as well as collaborating with numerous amazing local talents helped me expand in both experience and style.

Here are some of my recent collaborators:


  • Dave Schulz- Goo Goo Dolls/ Berlin Keyboardist with whom I’m building the duo project “Into The Frequency”
  • Fernando Perdomo- guitarist extraordinaire  with whom I have an Improvisation project called “Fern & Celli”. We released “The Conversation” Improv album in February 2017.
  • Dave Kerzner- (Progressive rock Keyboardist & Producer)- Cello recordings on the album “Static” (2017), and “In Continuum” (2018). Guest performer on The “New World” Live DVD (2015), band member on the “Static”- Live Performance DVD during Progstock, Rahway NJ- 2017 and for “In Continuum” on Progressive Rock “Cruise To The Edge 2019”.
  • Ken Sharp- (New York Times Best Selling Writer, & Singer Songwriter)- Cello Recordings on Album “Beaty In The Backseat” (2018)
  • Earl Kayos- (Singer songwriter)- Cello & Vocal recordings on the Albums “The Resurrection of Ants” (2017) and “Trans Formations” (2018) as part of the “Life on Mars” project
  • Kevens- (Reggae Dub & EDM Fusion Performance Artist)- Cello recording on the single “Sweet Lady Liberty” (2018)
  • Karin Michaels (Flutist and songwriter)- Cello & Vocal recordings on the single “Must Be Your Magic” (2016)
  • Steven Buckner (Film Composer)- Cello recording on “Separate Journey” (2018)
  • SJ- (Guitarist and Folk Music Singer Songwriter- cello recordings on the albums “Coffee”- (2011), Live DVD Album-“Coffee unflitered (2011), “Nikki”- (2018)
  • Kate Eaton- Colorado Singer Songwriter (with whom i collaborated on a series of live performances of music from her album “God id Love” and other original compositions)
  • Jim Camacho- (Guitarist & Singer Songwriter/ former member “The Goods”)- Songwriting collaboration project- “Alive”