About me

Born to a family of musicians, I began playing the cello at the age of eight. My parents came home one day with a lovely looking cello that apparently was a full size, something somewhat unusual for an 8 years old to receive. Little did they know that my cello teacher would find that rather amusing and took it as a challenge to see if he can get me to keep using it while waiting to see if I might “grow to  the occasion”…. I very quickly grew higher so much so that I ended up beating both my parents and grand parents in hight. I kept the full size cello and began my journey into my cello world. I loved playing Bach, and Beethoven Sonatas with my pianist mom and at 13 I was already exploring different genres of compositions. I was lucky to be able to attend the junior high school for the arts- “Reut” in Haifa, Israel. I got to play chamber music and learn about all the fun composers I was listening to. I went to a lovely high school for the arts-” Wizo” where the music teachers were buddies from the army and told us they wanted to provide for us all the type of music classes they always dreamt of having growing up,  but never did. Lucky for me the emphasis was on composition and improvisation, so I fit right in. We played chamber music with a lot of fun and excitement. performance was always “it” for me. I kept on moving forward with my life and moved to the US at 19 years old to study with Prof. Laurence Lesser at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA. I enjoyed that time very much. The monthly masterclasses for all the gifted cellists provided a phenomenal performance opportunity for me as well as the orchestral and chamber music ensembles I was lucky to be in. The years at then conservatory were truly amazing. Than I somehow moved to Miami Beach to play with “The New World Symphony Orchestra” after learning that I was their first “runner up” for the season of 2001. I enjoyed those years to the fullest, playing with some of the best orchestra players I’ve ever met in my life. We were all young and ambitious. I did that for a few years and at the same time I freelanced ass a studio musician for the local recording studios. I became very interested in music production, programming and songwriting. At that state of my life I realized how much I love incorporating my own singing into my music. I found my sonic preferences & vibes to be in alignment with Chill out moods, taking it to different directions and variations. I decided to publish 2 albums of original music in the cross genres of Pop & chill out and am ready to publish my 3rd one as a collaborative project with my new band mate Dave Schulz as part of our recently formed “Into The Frequency” duo (2018-present). Collaborating with Dave on my 3rd album was exciting and now were looking into starting working on new material of our own.