What is Intimate Cello all about?

  1. A channeled sound journey offered the tuning system of A=432Hz, also known as “The Harmonic Intonation of Nature”
  2. An experience of the power of ‘Devotional Presence’.  Through the “disappearance into the channel” of devotional presence- a mystical connection between Ruti, the channeler & the audience occurs. Magnified Divine Source Energy becomes available for all to be experienced. As we realize we’re all channelers and instruments for the Divine to work through us- the witnessing of this experience helps us deepen our own relationship to our highest purpose showing up as instruments for the Divine/ Source Energy/ The Higher Power/ Higher Self/ God Consciousness to work through us.
  3. An opportunity to become more conscious and familiar with the magical powers of 432Hz. Many have researched & studied the effects of the tuning system of A=432Hz on humans. It shows to calm the body, slow down the heart beat and help our bodies’ atoms, thought waves & DNA to be positively affected as we listen. This tuning system shows to balance the two hemispheres of the brain and to heighten perception as it activates more of our right brain functions. This can ultimately help us tap into our inner wisdom and nourish the inner-standing of our uniqueness as a soul. As we receive this energetic recharge- our imagination, creativity and soul connection to the inner and outer cosmos becomes more clear.
  4. A space for inspiration to trust in our inner guidance. Being that this tuning system is largely recognized as a Right Brain activation frequency- we tap into the ability to surrender to the now and to be completely vulnerable…
  5. A space to connect the dots between the Earth, the human body’s sensitivity & our soul knowledge. By adding the component of Human Design readings. RutiCelli is a passionate leader who utilizes her unique skills and abilities to give Human Design readings as a tool for her clients to understand their unique soul design. Her Intimate Cello’s containers are offered as a safe & helpful space to process human design readings.
  6. We open the space for discussions to encourage the processing of everyone’s experiences. The intention of this container is to help us find new ways to de-condition ourselves internally & externally. The more we tap in to our right brain collectively the more we can “move mountains” together!!
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