RutiCelli- Bio

RutiCelli began her musical journey at the age of 8, exploring music education in some of the finest schools in Israel.

With an extensive orchestral & chamber music experience she moved to the US in 1997 to complete her degree in Cello Performance with Prof. Laurence Lesser at the ‘New England conservatory of Music’ (Boston) after which she joined the prestigious ‘New World Symphony Orchestra’ in Miami from 2000-2002.

Between the years 1997-2015 Ruti participated in numerous acknowledged summer programs such as the ‘Tanglewood Music Festival’ (MA), ‘Verbier’ Music Academy Festival’ (Swizerlsand), ‘Shleswig Holstein Music Festival’ (Germany), ‘Banff Center Chamber Music Program’ (Canada), and the ‘New Direction Cello Festival’ (NY).

In the past 16 years Ruti has been involved in the field of music production, developing a unique genre of composition- a cross between Classical, New Age, Ambient, Acid Jazz, Lounge, Trip hop & Pop music. At some point her productions evolved through using her own sultry vocals which led her to independently publish 2 solo albums in 2015: “Nocturnal Miniatures” and, “Its Just a Little Dream” (both performed almost entirely by Ruti). 

Since then Ruti has worked extensively as a “Cellist Composer” on numerous musical projects. One of her composition projects won the ‘Best Soundtrack Recording Award’ at the ‘Indie Music Channel Awards–  2019′, for the piece- ‘Separate Journey’, for the movie ‘Raceland’ (2018).

As a soloist Ruti is currently working on an Improvisational project called ‘Intimate Cello’, where all the material is %100 improvised.

Live improvisation, also known as “the art of presence and trust’” has taken cellist RutiCelli into a courageous journey of exploring how channeling live compositions in the tuning system of A- 432Hz can heal us deeply from within.

From the ambitious journey of a classically trained cellist experiencing the world of performance, Ruti immersed into the world of healing music. Aligning herself with the ‘harmonic intonation of nature’ Ruti expresses the journey of self healing and reflection in her performance.

Ruti appears on more than 40 albums worldwide as a cellist, vocalist and songwriter. Her most recent album, “The Dawn” released June 3rd 2022.

In her spiritual evolution RutiCelli connects to her instrument as a channel for the divine. She facilitates Intimate Cello Sound Baths with the intention of creating a deeper connection with her audience.

Ruti creates sacred space with her audience to experience how this vibrational expansion can help our collective ancestral healing in this time.

Ruti’s gift for composing music on the spot accompanied by her choice to tune her instrument to A-432Hz is intended to present Intimate Cello as a “Right Brain Art”, activating imagination, creativity & a deeper intuition within her audience.

Evolving from a traditional cello performance career Ruti experienced the art of exploring musical genres both as a performer and a producer. She uses music creativity as a self development tool. In the last 15 years she composed more than 250 pieces and published numerous solo and collaborative albums as both a performer and a producer.

Ruti’s current creative projects are the publishing of live improvisation albums in 432Hz (Intimate Cello) as well as producing ‘Earthing Music Activation Albums’ in 432Hz, as tools for evolutionary growth, offering a way of exploring the connection between our right brain activation and our inner growth journey.

Ruti was previously involved in 3 collaborative projects:

  1. ’Ferm & Celli’  An improvisational acoustic duo with guitarist extraordinaire / producer- Fernando Perdomo.

In May 2017 ‘Fern & Celli’ opened for Jazz Fusion Violinist- Jean Luc Ponty at the ‘Canyon Club’ in LA. In February 2019 they were invited to perform on Cruise To The Edge– a Progressive rock event, orchestrated by the legendary band ’Yes’ and voted as “one the 5 best acts on the cruise” for that year. They independently released 2 albums- “The Conversations” (2017) and “Language” (2019).

  1. ‘Into The Frequency’ – An ‘Electronica production project’ with legendary keyboardist & singer songwriter- ‘Dave Schulz’ (‘Goo Dools’/ ‘Berlin’). In the past 2 years the duo worked on 12 songs which they intend to release before 2020. ITF debut single released ‘Handle All That’ (2018) is featuring legendary Prog Rock drummer Marco Minneman. ITF debuted the single st the ‘Viper Room’ in Hollywood in February 2019.
  1. ‘Finding Venus Tour Summer 2019’– Ruti has been touring during the summer of 2019 with Internationally acclaimed singer songwriter- Caroline Waters (Norway/ LA), promoting Water’s album ‘Finding Venus’ (released 2019).
  2. Take 3 Piano Trio Winter Tour 2020- hosted RutiCelli by founder violinist Lindsay Deutsch.  The Trio performed at numerous cities around the US including Flint MI, Springfield MI and Frankfort KY.
Resume (multi genre)


Bachelors of music in cello performance ( Laurance Lesser)- The New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, MA (Graduated May 2000)

The Buchmann Mehta school of Music- Tel Aviv University, Israel woth Prof. Hillel Zori)- Undergraduate studies in Cello Performance, 1995-97



Vocal performance coaching with Vocal Freedom coach Caroline Waters (since January 2019)

Vocal & Cello performance coaching with singer/ songwriter cellist Trevor Exter (since 2015)

Vocal coaching with vocalist & recording artist- Beth Cohen (since 2014)

Honors & Awards

Winner, III World Cello Congress Masterclass competition– 2000

Second Prize, The Buchman Mehta school of Music Strings Competition, Tel Aviv, Israel- 1996

Recipient, American- Israeli Foundation Scholarship- since 1993



Programs & Festivals

Participant & performer at the New Direction Cello Ferstival, Ithaca NY (since 2015)

Resident Cellist- The New World Symphony, Miami, FL (2000- 2002)

Performer and participant at the Schleswig Holstein Music Festival, Salzau, Germany (since 2000)

Performer & participant at the London Masterclasses (with Mr. ralph kirshbaum), London, England (since 2000)

Performer and participant at The Holland Music Sessions, Amsterdam, Holland (since 2000)

Performer and participant at the Radolfzell Music Festival with Prof Uzi Wiesel, Radolfzell, Germany (since 2000)

Performer & participant at The Banff Center for the Arts, Art summer programs, Alberta, Canada (since 1998)

Performer and participant at The Boston University Tanglewood Institute, Lenox, MA (since 1997)

Principal Cellist of the Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra at the Verbier Festival, Verbier, Swiss since 1994)

Self Publications

“The Endless Sea”- Ruti Celli solo Improvisation debut single/ Cellpop records, August 15 2019

“Language”- Fern & Celli collaboration album no. 2/ Cellipop records, June 19 2019

“The Conversations”- Fern & Celli debut collaboration album/ Cellipop records, February 6 2017

“Some Days”- Ruti. Celli & Frank Stroobandt collaboration single/ Cellipop records, May 20 2016

“It’s Just a Little Dream”- Ruti Celli solo album no. 2/ Cellipop records, Nov 20 2015

“Nocturnal Miniatures” (Remastered)- Ruti Celli debut solo album/ Cellipop Records, Nov 16 2015



Other Collaborations

(Music Production)

Producer/ Mixing Engineer Ozzy Cramona– “It’s Just a Little Dream” Album, “Some Days”, “Words”, “Earth Song” Singles

Mastering Engineer Ishay Sommer– “Nocturnal Miniatures” Album

Mastering Engineer Troy Glezner– “It’s Just a Little Dream’ Album

Mastering Engineer Dave Kerzner- “Words” and “Earth Song” Singles.


Fern & Celli- co composers on published albums “The Conversations” (2017) and “Language” (2019)

Steven Buckner (film composer)- co-composer on “Separate Journey”, winner of The “Indie Music Channel Award” for best soundtrack recording (2019)

Karin Michaels (flutist & songwriter)- I composed, produced and performed (Cello & Vocals) on the single “Must Be Your Magic” to Karin’s lyric (2016)

Frank Stroobandt- Guitarist & Composer- “Some Days” Single (2015)

Singer/ Songwriter Jim Camacho– “Alive” Single, to be published in the winter of 2017.

(Recording Artist on other’s projects)

Tom Polce (Producer)- cello on “Sad but Thrilling” single by Flashpot Moments (2019)

Dave Kerzner (Progressive Rock Keyboardist & Producer)- Cello on albums  “Acceleration Theory Part 2- Annihilation” (2019), “In Continuum- Acceleration Theory- Part 1” (2018) “Static” (2017).

Fernando Perdomo (Guitarist and Producer)- Cello on albums “Zebra Crossing” (published  2018),

Ken Sharp (Singer Songwriter)-  Cello on album “Beauty in the backseat” (2018).

Earl Kayos/ “Life On Mars band” (Singer songwriter)- Cello & Vocals on albums “The Resurrection of Ants” (2017) and “Trans Formations” (2018)

SJ (Singer/ Songwriter)- Cello on albums “Coffee” (published May 31, 2011) & “Coffee (Strong Brew Edition” ( 2012)

Jose Masella’s (Singer/ Songwriter)- Cello on album “Evolution”, (2014)

Electric Kif (Jazz Band)- Cello on album “Take Your Time” Album (2015)

(Performance with/for others)

Take 3 Crossover Piano Trio- Touring Cellist 2020 Tour (February 2020 -Present)

Fernando Perdomo- Member of “Fern & Celli” improvisation duo (2016-present).

Dave Schulz- Member of “Into The Frequency” Trip Hop Electronica duo (2017- Present)

Caroline Waters (Norwegian Singer Songwriter)-“Finding Venus Tour” in Norway & Sweden (2019)

Dave Kerzner (Progressive Rock keyboardist & producer)- “New World” Live DVD (2015),”Static”- Live DVD (Progstock/ 2017) and “In Continuum” performances during Progressive Rock “Cruise To The Edge” (2019)

Kevens (Reggae Dub & EDM Fusion)- Performance at Ultra Festival (2018)

Jennifer Kaiser (Singer Songwriter)– 2 live shows of her released album “Closer to Red” at Miami Luna Star cafe and The Boca Raton Funky Biscuit (2017)

Kate Eaton (singer songwriter)- a series of live performances of her album “God is Love” (2016-2018)

Michel Ferre & Mark Schubert (Keyboardist of Lauren Hill/ Percussionist at Florida Grand Opera)- a series of live shows of my songs from album “Its Just a Little Dream” (2015-2017)

Be Bryan (Drummer)- live show at Churchill’s pub (2017)

Richard Brookens (Multi instrumentalist)- Improvisational performances at Miami Speakfridays & Zen Mysteries vegan cafe.

Jim Camacho (guitarist & Singer Songwriter/ former member “The Goods”)- Live show of our yet to be published co-written single “Alive”.

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