Sound channeling is an art form. One can intuitively learn how to utilize sound frequencies to activating heart coherence & improved right brain functions. In particularly 432Hz, which has been known to develop imagination, quality of presence, deeper appreciation of life, clearer awareness of the infinite possibilities, more willingness to take risks in life (trust) and help one tapping into their cosmic intuition.

This new art of live improvisation (simultaneously composing and performing music on the spot)- is what I like to call: my “art of trust”. Through experimentations with the healing frequency 432Hz I discovered the sensation of bliss. The ability to connect with the quantum field in a way which elevates my serotonin level and helps me understand myself better all together. Interestingly, the responses I received from those who experienced this form of healing with me were of relief, instant internal peace and an awakening of intuition.

My passion to share this experience is growing by the day and I am excited for future opportunities to partake in this new cutting edge approach to enlightenment.

This type of healing experience is great for everyone interested in accessing and maximizing their highest unique potential. Tapping into one’s ability to work directly with their intuition from within- can help guiding others to find what they are meant to create in life, through an expansive journey of internal healing.

Anyone suffering from anxieties, depression or lack in creative juices will greatly benefit from working with this frequency. It becomes simpler to propel one’s evolution by listening to one’s inner guidance more.

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