Music For Consciousness Elevation

At 14 years old I began exploring different techniques of composition and discovered my love for live improvisation. 15 years ago I discovered my passion for experimenting with music programming to heal my internal world through music. My creative flow began to flourish once I allowed myself the complete freedom to tune into my own unique expression by enjoying infinite aspects of music creation which kept appearing in my dreams.

The evolution of all that is giving birth to a new kind of consciousness in which I now facilitate through sound channeling experiences as an art of activating right brain functions. These are known to be about developing imagination, being present, tapping into deep appreciation of life, awareness of the infinite possibilities, willingness to take risks and tapping into one’s cosmic intuition.

This new art of a science is highly elevated with constant experimentations in healing frequencies. One of the biggest gifts discovered throughout this journey is the sensation of bliss. The responses I get from people who already had this experience with me is of relief, instant internal peace and great awakening of intuition.

My passion to share this experience is growing by the day to a level of a grand vision.
I am happy to share more information with anyone interested over zoom and give you the opportunity to partake in a new cutting edge approach to enlightenment.

This is great for everyone interested in accessing and maximizing the potential of their unique imprint. Tapping into working directly with your soul from within, guide yourself to all that you need to find and create.

Also this is great for people suffering from anxieties, depression and from feeling a lack in creative juices.

Propel your evolution by listening to yourself more.


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