My Improvisation Journey

In the spirit of honoring my instincts I have decided to further pursuit ‘Improvisation journey’ as a consciously concepted artistic focus.

My passion for pursuing that comes from my intuition to support an ever growing need for spreading inspiration to practice more ‘trust in oneself’… something I find so primal which is in many cases considered to be “the root of non judjment”. Conscious intention must be carried out without judgment via immense amount of self trust.

Allowing oneself to become a channel for divine energy through music- one can truly manifest musical miracles. My aim is to be exactly that. A pure channel. “I”, the “ego identification program” melts into total trust and knows that the divine expression will take care of itself when the “I” gets out of the way. That is the ‘lesson in trust’ I intend to share with the world. This is an opportunity for me to expand my improvisation skills and to be of service to others.

In August 2019, I released my first solo ‘improvisation journey’ recording called “The Endless Sea” which was essentially and by default done in one take embedded with live effects I engineered while performing. Here is the video I filmed during that very recording session:

I’m open to collaborate with film makers, dancers, visual artists and other heartfelt musicians who feel drawn to be a part of this mystical journey. Consciousness is the only thing I truly care for these days and aim to utilize all of my skills to reach it. The cello happened to be a major part of my life since I was 8 years old, it only makes sense I’d implement it in my spiritual practice as well 😉

Here are some more videos to showcase what I do. The first one is intended for both potential sponsors and vendors who might want to get involved in this presentation and its potential significance to others. It talks about the performance concept as an art form or rather even “an act”: