In the spirit of yearning for more musical experimentations I have decided to further pursuit my Solo Improvisation act called “Ruti Celli In The Moment”. This is an opportunity to expand my free improvisation skills and presentation, using a large variety of pedals, loopers and other effects. I’m open to collaborate with dancers, visual artists, film makers and other musicians who would like to be a part of this mystical journey. I yearn for freedom in which I, the performer- am no longe “there” and give myself entirely to the art of becoming an instrument- channeling divine energy from above. “Ruti Celli In The Moment” is the act of being “in the moment” creating music on the spot, relaying on self trust- which allows existence to provide me exactly what I need in each and every moment.

Ruti Celli In The Moment- Kulak’s Woodshed (6/11/19)