Since the beginning of 2020 many friends have been sharing with me that they feel exhausted from over thinking, trying to make sense of all the new complexities showing up in their lives. It seems we’ve all been experiencing increased levels of inner turmoil on both the collective and the personal levels. As a result many of us found out that we are becoming more and more interested in finding alternative ways to deal with and process our chaotic thoughts & feelings (however delusional they may be)… So I figured that in order to handle higher levels of stress better- a fresh method/ spiritual practice was needed to be created. 

In the summer of 2021 I decided to develop a musical tool to help people like me and my friends deal with the stressful dense energies of living life during an era of seemingly increased duality. In other words- a world with edgier extremes than before 2020. 

The musical tool I’m referring to is called ‘Intimate Cello’, designed for ‘The Intuitive Adult Archetype’- (the consciously aware sensitive type that wants to learn how to live joyfully in a chaotic time such as today. One of the aspects of joy relates to us having to raise our vibration in order to feel it. ‘Intimate Cello’ works directly with the intention of rising our vibration but we do it via the ‘Right Brain’, by activating it with sound vibrations. As a result we indirectly educate our audience about it’s own innate powers to work within our higher selves.

‘Intimate Cello’ is a unique healing art form performed on the cello tuned to A-432Hz, known as “The harmonic intonation of nature”. The “healing” aspect of this art partly comes through the sound vibration of the cello and partly through my own intention to have an impeccable internal experience of performance. Channeling musical compositions brings me so much artistic joy and gratitude which are of the highest vibrations we know of-(vibration of emotions chart.)

This is also a divine feminine aspect within our higher self. It promotes powerful changes on grand scales. We are now increasingly aware of the come back of the Divine Feminine to assist in our collective trauma healing. Bringing the Divine Feminine aspect (that exists within each and every one of us) would help this planet feel whole and healed again. It’s been said by numerous wisdom keepers from ancient native traditions.

The tuning system of A-432Hz represents the Earth’s heart beat, according to math and to the science of numbers- numerology) The Earth’s heart beat is between 7.86-8Hz which aligns with 432Hz. Humans experience better alignment with the earth as well as physical healing when sitting on the earth while listening to music played in the harmonic intonation of nature. It’s a frequency that shows to synchronize between the left & the right hemispheres of our brains. As a result of this “balancing act” studies show that it activates more intuition and creativity within us which are known to be of the right brain’s gifts. 

Together we step Into spiritual maturity when we align with our highest purpose in life- %100 .

This is truly a miracle frequency helping us all to accelerate positive changes in our lives towards manifesting our biggest dreams and aspirations.

The energy we experience from our right brain activation can shift us from the dominance of the “left brain” which relates to the’ familiar old ways of the world’ towards the fresh and the new of our unknown future (right brain).

“New Earth” energy resonates with the vibration of thriving which starts from within.

In one’s journey ‘into the unknown’ worthiness issues pop up. Life can be seen as a spiritual journey evolving from the “Vibration of Lack” (50) to the “Vibration of Optimism” (400) fueled by the “Vibration of Enthusiasm” (500) leading towards “Deeper Gratitude” (900) and true freedom towards “Inner God consciousness” (1000). 

When you know that you’re meant to raise your vibration- life’s priorities need to change. You no longer seek approval, happiness, joy, fulfillment and connection on the outside. An entirely different internal transformation occurs, naturally. You find all of these and more on the inside.

As the American Spiritual Teacher Ram Dass said “We’re all just walking each other home”- our journey is about supporting one another’s liberation.
My evolutionary journey in particular is to encourage others to be %100 authentic in the most intimate meaningful ways. Intimate= being ok with being vulnerable, exposing yourself as you are- for your own healing and the healing of others, through you.

“Intimate Cello” is a platform, an experience, an evolutionary & revolutionary healing journey breaking the boundaries of creativity, imagination, intuition and God consciousness which is the connection to one’s cosmic knowledge and expansion. These are all “right brain” functions which Intimate Cello dives into…

Intimate Cello facilitates ‘private sound baths & concerts’- given as healing sessions for individuals and couples. We also love giving ‘Sound Baths & Concerts For The type of communities that come together for consciousness expansion.

To find out more please visit Intimate Cello Page. 

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