Greetings, and thank you for your interest in my performance services.

These days, as we experience major enforced social distancing most parties and public concerts have been long cancalled. Musicians such as myself began offer virtual performances. I am available to perform at your event as a soloist or a band member. I can take your guests (even on zoom!) from ceremony to cocktail reception to dinner & dancing. In some of these options I also perform as a vocalist.

Here are your 4 packages to choose from:

All Originals package– 

Original music (Jazz/ Pop/ Trip Hop/ Electronica vibes fused with Cello) composed and produced by me. This option adds super smooth vibe and includes sultry vocals with mastered backing tracks. 

Music Link:

Live Video Links:

We can also add Keyboards (my super gifted band member Dave Schulz, part of my Sensual Electronica Duo- “Into The Frequency” for even more juicy textures, in the same style.

Music Link:

Video Link:

Classical cello package- 

Beautiful Classical solo pieces for cello. Suits more professional, formal and conservative vibes events.

Music Link

Party cello package– 

I got over 80 covers- Pop, Rock, Soul and more- to play on the cello along side backing tracks.

Improv Cello Package (for even more mellow events)

As an improvisor cellist I offer this fresh art form in which I compose music on the spot. People love it as I use loopers and effects to create improvisation as a form of entertainment.

We can also add Guitar– (my incredibly talented band member Fernando Perdomo, part of my Acoustic Improvisational Duo “Fern & Celli”)

Music Link

Video Link

Any questions you might have regarding my services please email me at for private consultation.