Greetings, and thank you for your interest in my performance services.

Sonoma county based performer Ruti Celli is a Cellist, songwriter, vocalist, producer and composer. Ruti brings the class of the New England Conservatory of Music (Boston) where she graduated as well as the New World Symphony in Miami where she performed as a fellow musicians for a number of years.

Over the past 8 years Ruti has recorded and toured with Cross Genre Piano Trio Take 3, Norwegian Actor Caroline Waters & Progressive Rock Producer Dave Kerzner appearing on some of their most recent albums and concert broadcasts from around the world. Ruti Celli appears on more than 40 albums worldwide as a cellist, vocalist and songwriter. Ruti Celli is an IK Multimedia Performing artist

Ruti is available to perform at your event. Here are her reviews.

Ruti Celli offers 4 packages to choose from:

Sensual Lounge Originals package– 

Original music (Jazz/ Pop/ Trip Hop/ Electronica vibes fused with Cello) composed and produced by Ruti. This option adds a smooth vibe and includes sultry vocals with mastered backing tracks. Her style reminds some of Enya, Yani, Sade, Zero 7, Morcheeba, Radiohead,

Music Link:

Classical cello package- 

Beautiful Classical solo pieces for cello. Suits more professional, formal and conservative vibes events.

Music Link

Party cello package– 

I got over 80 covers- Pop, Rock, Soul and more- to play on the cello along side backing tracks.

Improv Cello Package (for even more mellow events)

As an improvisor cellist I offer this fresh art form in which I compose music on the spot. People love it as I use loopers and effects to create improvisation as a form of entertainment.

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