RutiCelli Music LLC

Now offering online courses, production & performance services. Transform your art. Innovative Improvisation & creativity. Open to all ages.

1. I’m available to perform at your private or corporate parties, etc. Can provide my services in person or virtually.

2. As an established musician I offer specific music courses for those learning music or for musicians looking to fine tune their skills. My expertise lies in cello, individualized musical expression, music production services/ lessons & Musical improvisation. My teaching style focuses on building fundamental skills that will help build confidence, finding your individual voice and progressing skills to a point of musical self efficacy. I take a holistic approach with every student. My philosophy revolves around treating music as an essential path to well being & higher self worth.

3. This philosophy is implemented in my music production as well. I offer a wide range services including: tracking cello, music composition, music arrangement, music programming, music production, voice recording/ sampling and song production. For my services I focus on working with committed music professionals looking for high quality production. My approach towards production is focused on artists that are interested in immersing their skills into a high quality of presence or what one might call “The art of being in the moment”. I collaborate with artists & dedicate my skills to help create the best products & deliver results at the highest level.

If you like to have a consultation please leave me a message on the contact section and I’ll be sure to get back to you straight away.


Ruti Celli

Established in 2013.