Sound Healing

Beloved friends,

I have some good news…

Healing is getting much faster in the Aquarius age.

8 times faster than the previous Pisces age, to be precise.

Sound healing allows a deeper connection between our bodies and nature.

Each chakras in our bodies has its own frequency which can help unblocking old energies, not serving us anymore- and by doing that we are able to receive immense cosmic blessings aligning us with our divine powers of creation.

To facilitate this experience we would need the following:

  1. Quiet room with no distractions
  2. Headphones 
  3. Willingness to be present to maximize the effects of the sound healing.
  4. Notebook to write your experience down 

What you can expect: Growth and expansion in the areas of focus.

Prior to the session we will be discussion your particular needs so that I can build your unique sound healing program.

The performances of these channeled improvisations will be played on the cello while tuning to 432Hz.

This is a frequency known as the “harmonic intonation of nature” and has been shown to activate our DNA, 

By listening to the sound you can tap into your cosmic intuition that will guide you and help you move into the direction of healing, faster manifestation and ultimately thrive.

Come open minded to learn about your body as it responds to the music.

The sessions are comprised from 6 meetings over the course of 3 weeks, including 3 live sessions plus 3 consultation calls- all over zoom. Total of $555 for the program.

To book your consultation